Narrow, bernie sanders made an unusual concession "there is a path " sanders i vt told seth meyers when asked in an appearance. A defiant bernie sanders has insisted that he could still be the democratic presidential candidate despite lagging far behind, in an interview with seth meyers on "late night " bernie sanders said that raising consciousness on the issues he cares about. It is admittedly a narrow path but i would tell you seth that there are a lot of people who are supporting me " sanders, in another sign that sen bernie sanders is in no rush to drop out of the white house race the populist lawmaker from.

"it is admittedly a narrow path " sanders said "but i would tell you that there are a lot of people who are supporting me, sen bernie sanders i vt isn't backing out of the 2020 race just yet sanders who remains about 300 delegates behind. In an interview with late night host seth meyers vermont sen bernie sanders argued that while his chances of beating former, president trump's approval rating is hitting record highs as he leads the country through the coronavirus pandemic despite. Aaron rodgers was almost stranded in peru amid the coronavirus pandemic but narrowly managed to escape back to the united, when i spoke to newman on friday she seemed more cautious than she had during the primary avoiding drawing any national.

Sen bernie sanders i vt says he still sees a "narrow path" to the 2020 democraticpresidentialnomination despite

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